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VINCI Awards
2014 SIIA CODiE Award
Today's Parent Approved 2014
2013 International CES Awards
TNPC 2013 Holiday Seal of Approval
EDDIE AWARD for ClassVINCI Blended Learning
2011 Creative Child Magazine DVD of the Year Award
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What The Media Is Saying About VINCI
"I can see this as an invaluable tool if your child needs tutoring in elementary reading or math. There is a bevy of apps that address these problems"
"NAESP and VINCI recognize the importance of high-quality early learning opportunities for all children and will work together to help build the capacity of principals in PK-3..."
"Using VINCI's blended model, Minh-Tram Nguyen, founding principal at EnCompass Academy, is able to make sure that teachers’ classroom instruction is more effective for young students."
"VINCI, a safe, child-friendly and technologically advanced early learning system specifically designed for young children"
"Thanks to the cloud-based VINCI Play & Learn learning management tool, teachers receive real-time analytics about each child’s learning status"
"I only wish that VINCI's competitors would spend as much time developing school software to use on its Tabs."
"Henry and I use our Vinci Tab every day for home schooling as well as for fun stuff for him and for me! "
"We think that the Vinci Tab MV 5” is a good value for certain users—parents, schools, and daycare centers—but also for families that can use a multitasking device."
"From the moment my daughter turned on the VINCI tablet, I've been a true believer in tablet-based supplemental learning."
"I have another tablet for kids by another brand (that shall remain nameless) whose games are also supposed to be educational but they don’t even come close to what Vinci has to offer."
"I love that each game has vocal instructions that go along with it … each one is just as colorful, interactive and engaging as the last, providing learning with entertainment (and lots of giggles)!"
"My son learned to observe - Curtis, Father of Andrew"
"My son Thomas received his VINCI today and he loves it! His Dad likes it too and is impressed with the build, quality and functionality! - Mr. Birkett, Father of Thomas"
"When they (at VINCI) say it's educational, it’s quite literal. It really puts all others to shame."
"I like that this operates on the Android system, and that we could use it like a regular tablet. - Dad from Burlington, Canada"
"The animation is amazing! - Mom from Mississauga, Canada"
"Where other kid-friendly models preload a bunch of games and entertainment-focused content, the Vinci is decidedly focused on educating children, which many parents will likely prefer."
"So what do we think? While I wouldn’t call it obsessed, I would call it love. My daughter brings her tablet everywhere with her. And I mean everywhere."
"All of the apps on the tablet are educational with fun built in. We’ve used the tablet as a treat when my older daughter is doing homework the younger one “works” on her tablet."
"Basically, the software is first class – as a preschool teacher, I would have loved to have these in my classroom for the kids to play on."
"This is an amazing tablet, perfect for learning, either at home or on the go."
"CES set records for the numbers of companies exhibiting … Those companies included industry giants such as Samsung and Sony as well as startups like Vinci, which has developed a line of Android tablets for kids."
"Vinci, who I discussed a few months ago, was also at the show, demonstrating a ew 5.5-inch hybrid tablet-phone named the Tab MV."
"Vinci has a number of apps geared toward educating kids."
"What if you could give your kids a tablet or phone of their own that actually helps them learn, following a real educational curriculum? That's what Vinci has in mind with its new Vinci Tab MV"
"The Tab MV, just released, is a $249 Android-based device that is aimed not at the mass market but at a highly specific niche: children under five years of age."
"VINCI Early Learning Systems – owned by Rullingnet Corp. and with an office in Ottawa – has signed an agreement with Shanghai’s education department to implement its classroom intelligence program in 1,400 government-operated kindergartens."
"What’s cool is your kids get a grown up looking tablet, that Mom can feel safe with them using as it’s surrounded by sturdy rubber handles that are perfect for tiny hands to hold securely and yes even safely drop!"
"The time spent together with [my daughter], engaging with many genuinely educational and fun apps, was ultimately even more rewarding."
"VINCI Tab MV provides communication, family entertainment, and pre-qualified children's educational content, including VINCI Curriculum (2013 CES Innovation Award Winner) and VINCI Kids Library all in one device."
"[My kids] little brains are making many of the same cause and effect associations from the world around them and the game curriculum mirrors much of those life experiences to stimulate learning."
"I like it that it's not repetitive and she is learning - Jen, Mother of Talia"
"The games were definitely age appropriate as he was able to get through Level 1 and Level 2 rather quickly."
"VINCI Tab from Rullingnet Corporation have been around long enough to have some proven clout in the child development world."
"As you can see, it’s way more than just “another tech toy.” It’s a full on learning system that can grow with your child."
"My son, who is in kindergarten, can not get enough of his new "kid iPad" he calls it. He is having so much fun, little does he know he is learning too!"
"The seven-inch mobile multitouch screen tablet, which runs on the Android platform, is of robust construction and has specifically designed software."
"VINCI Curriculum saves parents time on searching and qualifying apps by providing a complete all-in-one learning system for the intellectual development of toddlers and preschoolers."
"Created by a mom and designed exclusively for toddlers and preschoolers"
"The red outer handle's siliconelike softness lets kids play in comfort, and the tablet can network up to four Vinci Tab M tablets together so they can play and learn in groups."
"I was able to get my hands on one of these tablets, and it's pretty impressive. Education-minded parents should give Vinci a look."
"It also ensures that there is a wealth of content available for your growing child even after they grow out of VINCI"
"I really feel like the VINCI Tab is giving [my son] every thing that he needs, and he is getting a well rounded sense of the world. I love this thing! He does too!"
"The Vinci seems to be the only tablet with hardware and software designed with the toddler and preschooler in mind"
"VINCI Curriculum Named as CES Innovations 2013 Design and Engineering Awards Honoree"
"All I know is that as soon as I turned on our VINCI Tab II, both my 5 year old and nearly 3 year old were captivated."
"We have made tremendous strides in creating an educational tool and we believe it is already changing lives for the better."
"VINCI Launches First Kid-Focused App Library, Woos Developers With 75% Rev Share"
"Secure environment for your child to enjoy content that's been developed with them in mind."
"Age-appropriate Apps for Children 18 Months and Older"
"For the 'get my baby into Harvard' demographic"
"Ellen's Amazing Mother's Day Giveaways!"
"the most vertically integrated of the kids' tablet makers"
"Learning is cleverly disguised as play, I certainly advocate for letting kids play!"
"I did like what I saw"
"VINCI Gives Kids Their Very Own Tablet – And a Jumpstart to Education"
"VINCI delivers a real tablet with educational content"
"This is a serious computer!"
"Meet the tablet...for babies!"
"spark curiosity in young learner"
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