2014 Education AwardsHighly honored for the quality of its curriculum content, VINCI Education offers the most advanced early childhood education solution, including complete curriculum, learning management and assessment, teacher training and teaching tools for the 21st Century.

Age Specific Learning Programs

VINCI Curriculum integrates digital learning apps with everyday discussion subjects (such as food and animals), includes age-specific toys, books (upcoming) as well as theme based learning centers. VINCI Curriculum education programs are developed and fine-tuned with the guidance from researchers and in collaboration with teachers and parents.

Why Is It Called VINCI?

VINCI was named in honor of Leonardo da Vinci, a scholar, an inventor and innovator, who embodied the type of renaissance thinking we all wish to inspire in our children. Da Vinci’s philosophy equally weighs arts, science, creativity and hard work. Like Da Vinci, we inspire children to make their own breakthroughs.



VINCI Education is an unique partner of NAESP – National Association of Elementary Principals.

National Association of Elementary School Principals