Communication is Key!

Boy and girl playing together

Communication is the foundation of human society. Without effective communication, we never would have been able to coordinate hunts, divide labor, organize urban centers, or enjoy the fruits of civilization.Communication is also at the root of so many parenting issues.


Staying Water Safe this Summer

Kids in pool

At a recent pool party for graduating second graders, I was one of only two parents who stayed. I don’t think of myself as a helicopter parent. I don’t hover at the playground or linger at school drop-offs. Around water,


Using Play as a Method to Teach!

Young Boy Playing at Montessori/Pre-School

One child is sitting at a desk, completing a teacher-assigned worksheet. Another child is arranging small pebbles around a drawing she made in the mud with a stick.Which child is learning?Parents may be surprised to discover that the child who


A Sizzling Summer without the Learning Loss

Children Playing Carnival Duck Game

We love summer: trips to the beach, parades, fireworks, picnics, long, lazy days, and the opportunity to learn! School is out but that does not mean the learning is over. While some studies show a “learning loss” of up to


Instilling a love of reading in your child- The Best Gift you can give them

Mother with kids reading story

Most parents look forward to the day when they hear their child reading independently for the first time. It is a true joy, whether teacher or parent, to witness the beautiful blossoming of a child’s mind. Reading helps us in


Social Networking Ethics: Making Sure Kids Use Social Media Responsibly

Blog-social networking

Photo courtesy of Anthony Kelly via Flickr Creative Commons Nobody can deny the prevalence of social networking and social media in our world today, and like it or not, even our kids are becoming involved in the craze. Studies show


It All Adds Up! 8 Ways to Help Your Kids Succeed at Math


The United States is a math-phobic nation but a study suggests you may be better at math than you think. That’s good news because STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) sectors are the fastest-growing employment fields and every one of


Developing Healthy Habits- For You and Your Kids!


Temptations to go astray from the path of healthy living are everywhere:We have to get from dance to girl scouts and pick up some sheet music along the way around dinner time and that fast food drive-through is looking awfully


How to Teach Young Children to be Global Citizens

little boy and girl looking at a globe

Teaching children about other countries and cultures through projects is a fun way to increase global awareness. By providing such experiences, children will learn that there is much more out there beyond their daily world. Here are a few fun


Is Your Child Spending Quality Time on Their Devices?


With the proliferation of tablets and smartphones, the good old days of children accessing the internet on a family PC under your watchful eyes are long gone. Kids these days are more acquainted with mobile devices, especially since a number