How will you make 2015 your year to commit?

Every year I find myself wondering “How will this year be different?” I am constantly walking by my closet saying to myself “Next week I am going to tackle that mountain of paid bills and receipts and file them away


New Year’s Resolutions and Goal Setting as a Family

It is the time of year when we reflect and determine those changes that are needed in our lives. As New Year’s approaches, I often think about the adjustments that I need to make to be a better mother, wife


Our Multicultural World: How to teach our children to appreciate all Cultures and Faith

In our current world of chaos and uncertainty, we want our children to realize that we can be different and unique in many ways, but also that we share many similarities. Here are a few goals any parent or early


The Rights of the Child: What are they and why are they essential in our world today?

Children are extremely sensitive to injustice, often proclaiming every slight – real or imagined – to be “unfair.” Human Rights Day is a good opportunity to explore the concept of fairness in a more meaningful way with young children. My


Achievement Gap Starts at 9 Months Old

Kristie Kauerz, ED, is a Research Assistant Professor at Washington University. She worked with over 40 states on early childhood policies. I met her at the Press Club, Wshington, DC, when I was invited to participate to the launch of


The Spirit of Giving: The Beauty of the Season

You can’t buy it, but holiday spirit is out there for everyone to embrace, experience and share. It is something that one often observes during the holiday season, but it can be experienced throughout the year. Children naturally embrace and


How to Instill a Sense of Gratitude in Children

Your child has a perfectly good bike… but now he saw a brand new one with his favorite characters on it. He’s throwing a fit in the toy aisle because he has to have it. Or, your little darling opens


What are the different learning styles our children bring to the classroom?

These days, many people have come to recognize that each person has a particular combination of learning styles. Some may find they have one style that is more dominant than any other, or a balanced mix of learning styles that


8 Ways to Teach Children to be Responsible Citizens

Citizenship is an important community value. In a democracy, one of the main goals of education is to teach children to be good citizens.The basic definition of a citizen is a person who qualifies for the rights and privileges of


Planning a Halloween Party for Kids


Planning a Halloween party for kids can be a fun and safe way to celebrate the season.My two eldest have summer birthdays and hosting friends is also a way to get to know their classmates towards the start of the