Life is a Balancing Act

Tender moments between father and son

My two eldest are back to school and you would think I would have more time but really life is more hectic than ever with bus schedules, drop-offs and pick-ups, homework assignments, extra-curriculars, uniforms and equipment and instruments, and whatever


Bridging the Gap: Home and School


School doors are opening or are about to open all over the country. Open houses are set and children are excited to return to school. How can we as parents continue the learning that is occurring in the classroom? Parents


STEM Gives Kids Roots

Happy kid exploring nature with magnifying glass

STEM: science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, is the “root” of our entire world. The highest paying and most in-demand careers will be in STEM-related fields. Even people who do not work in STEM fields will find themselves needing technology and


The Top 3 Apps to Help Your Kids Get Ready for School


Image courtesy of Marcus Kwan ( via Flickr Creative Commons) It’s no secret – we live in an increasingly technological age, and every day, we see headlines showing how our children are quickly growing up to be dependent on their handheld


Talking to your kids about Bullying


In most of the United States, children are heading back to school or will be, soon. As you check off your school supply and errand list, add this task: “Talk about bullying.”Bullying behavior can start as early as preschool and


How to Encourage Creative Thinking in Your Children

Asian kid acting as teacher

As a parent I often wonder, how can I embrace and encourage my children’s creativity? Over the years I have tried different things, some more successful than others. I remember when the kids were really little, the contents in the


“Sure Mom, I’ll help you!” Tips on Raising Helpful Kids

Doing the dishes with grandma

To simply raise a child to be happy, healthy, self-confident and independent is a feat in itself. It is the most rewarding and challenging job of any person’s life. All parents want their children to be good people and to


Communication is Key!

Boy and girl playing together

Communication is the foundation of human society. Without effective communication, we never would have been able to coordinate hunts, divide labor, organize urban centers, or enjoy the fruits of civilization.Communication is also at the root of so many parenting issues.


Staying Water Safe this Summer

Kids in pool

At a recent pool party for graduating second graders, I was one of only two parents who stayed. I don’t think of myself as a helicopter parent. I don’t hover at the playground or linger at school drop-offs. Around water,


Using Play as a Method to Teach!

Young Boy Playing at Montessori/Pre-School

One child is sitting at a desk, completing a teacher-assigned worksheet. Another child is arranging small pebbles around a drawing she made in the mud with a stick.Which child is learning?Parents may be surprised to discover that the child who