From the Creator

December 7, 2014

Achievement Gap Starts at 9 Months Old

Kristie Kauerz, ED, is a Research Assistant Professor at Washington University. She worked with over 40 states on early childhood policies. I met her at the […]
February 4, 2014
2 plus 9

“Good at Math” NOT Coded in DNA

More I spend time experimenting with my kids, and interacting with teachers, less I believe that the reason ¬†that I’m good at Math or my kids […]
October 2, 2013

30 Minutes A Day

Last Wednesday, I was volunteering for Mrs Wiley, my daughter’s kindergarten teacher. My job was to open up each kid’s sight word booklet, which included 5 […]
June 19, 2013

More Than Flowers

Okey I admit I love flowers. Each time we move to a new home, I always dig out those boring evergreen trees and change them to […]