August 1, 2014
Asian kid acting as teacher

How to Encourage Creative Thinking in Your Children

As a parent I often wonder, how can I embrace and encourage my children’s creativity? Over the years I have tried different things, some more successful […]
January 15, 2013

Dancing Around the World – Global Music and Learning

Even before children can speak or comprehend words, they respond to music. We tap on the table, they tap back. We shake the maracas, bang away […]
October 25, 2012

Music Packs Learning Power

Researchers have found that the ability to process rhythm is present as early as three months–possibly even in the womb where mom’s heartbeat is the baby’s […]
October 10, 2012

The Benefit of Teaching Letter Sounds Before Letter Names

Thinking back to my own experience of learning how to read, I remember learning the letters through repetition – flashcards, letter of the week, and other […]