March 6, 2015

10 Steps to Help Preschoolers Make Friends

Preschoolers and FriendshipEach of my children has had a different friendship style. On her first day of preschool, my daughter bonded with another little girl and […]
October 17, 2014

Inspiring Your Kids to Write

A lot of ink is spilled on how to raise readers. The flip side of that literacy coin is equally important–inspiring children to write.Just like there […]
August 28, 2014

Bridging the Gap: Home and School

School doors are opening or are about to open all over the country. Open houses are set and children are excited to return to school. How […]
July 9, 2014
Kids in pool

Staying Water Safe this Summer

At a recent pool party for graduating second graders, I was one of only two parents who stayed. I don’t think of myself as a helicopter […]