October 11, 2013


We absolutely adore the Fall Season! Autumn presents many opportunities for fun family outings. To celebrate this vibrant season, we are offering 15% savings on Curriculum […]
October 10, 2013

How to Ensure your Child Becomes a Critical Thinker

First let’s distinguish several types of thinking. Doing anything – even opening a door – requires thinking, judgment, timing, and spatial knowledge. But some forms of […]
October 3, 2013

Top 7 Key Skills Kids Need to Achieve Success

With modern technology, the rate of innovation moves faster than ever before. There is no way to predict the concrete skills the kids of today will […]
October 2, 2013

30 Minutes A Day

Last Wednesday, I was volunteering for Mrs Wiley, my daughter’s kindergarten teacher. My job was to open up each kid’s sight word booklet, which included 5 […]