June 21, 2013

Amazing Independence Day Special!!

From now to July 7th, we are celebrating Independence Day by providing All About America Series of award winning VINCI Curriculum to help your child learn about America!
June 19, 2013

More Than Flowers

Okey I admit I love flowers. Each time we move to a new home, I always dig out those boring evergreen trees and change them to […]
June 19, 2013

A Few Learning Tools That Boost Children’s Confidence

There are a few learning tools that help educators and parents boost their kids' self-confidence. Early family and education experiences can help the child be well-prepared for their life ahead.
June 17, 2013

Get to Know Chinese with VINCI in a Fun Way!

Ever wonder how Chinese Characters were formed? Find out with new learning apps, My Chinese vol 1 and Vol 2.