October 2, 2012

Imagine a World Where No Kid Is Left Behind Due to Poor Math or Spelling

Last Tuesday, I went to pick up Hera at 3 pm as usual. Ms Meadowcroft greeted parents and sent kids off home, as usual. When it’s […]
September 26, 2012

Maximizing Your Child’s Learning Potential Through the Use of VINCI Tab

For the past 17 years I have taught preschool and kindergarten in both public and private school settings. I have spent endless hours searching for powerful […]
September 18, 2012

What Are the Advantages of Game-Based Learning?

Children can learn to play a game, but can also learn new knowledge by playing a game.  What is the difference and what are the advantages […]
September 17, 2012

VINCI Engages, Empowers, Educates

We are excited to hear that demand for child-friendly tablets is growing, especially here in North America. This week, Toys ‘R Us announced the Tabeo, the latest […]