February 21, 2012

What Good Video Games Have

Too often we dismiss the educational value of computer games.  We worry that they draw children into repetitive nonsense.  Upon a closer look there are many […]
February 15, 2012

VINCI Becomes A Partner of "Sid The Science Kid"

  VINCI BECOMES A PARTNER OF “SID THE SCIENCE KID” New Sponsorship Features Multi-Platform Cross-Promotion Including On-Air and On Line Branding, Events and Original Learning Content […]
February 15, 2012

Abandoning Montessori

Hera has been going to our local Montessori school since 18-month-old. Personally I have been such a fan of Maria Montessori, inspired by her many statements […]
February 8, 2012

Blocks are boring

None of my girls liked blocks. I always thought it’s a great toy. Our adviser Prof Forman has spent years studying blocks in a project at […]