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June 1, 2015
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Sofia’s Story


Sofia is a student at  VINCI School. She started in September 2014 with very basic Math skills, below the Common Core requirement.

In her classroom, during Math classes, Sofia enjoyed hands-on learning with Montessori beads, VINCI animated Math games, and Singapore Math. Sofia’s parents followed teacher’s advise and made sure Sofia spent consistently an hour a week practicing with Math online. Sofia also participated in the Math-n-Chess Club, learning strategic problem solving and practicing Math word problems. The hands-on and individualized learning at school seem to blend nicely with the multiple online practice tools.

In March 2015, Sofia was the last student who signed up for the year’s International Kangaroo Math Contest. And she won a Bronze Medal! In fact, half of her friends were on the winning list, making up 25% of regional winners for the grade.

Elementary Curriculum Overview:

All VINCI schools follow the rigorous American Common Core for Math and English Language Arts, and the Next Generation ScienceStandards. Preparing all students for success in college, career, and life. the standards have shifted from the traditional knowledge based teaching to a skill-driven ability-focused learning.

Student-Centered Hands-on Learning

At VINCI schools, students don’t sit down among rows of desks like in a traditional classroom. Instead, they go through a series of “Centers” in small groups or individually. Whether it’s Montessori materials or a roly-poly nest, students have their hands on and their brains lit.

Technology Makes It Possible

Technology makes learning fun and keeps students on track. In addition to VINCI Connected Learning system that connects teachers and parents together, and interactive whiteboards/tablets in classrooms, VINCI schools adopt following online practice tools:

– Raz-kid for reading and comprehension (PreK and up)

– Stanford EPGY Math (K and up)

– Stanford EPGY Language Arts and Writing (Grade 2 and up)