The New VINCI School Brings 21st Century Learning to Ottawa – JK to Grade 3

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January 8, 2014
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The New VINCI School Brings 21st Century Learning to Ottawa – JK to Grade 3

NORTH ANDOVER, MA, and OTTAWA, ON , Jan. 15, 2014 —VINCI Foundation, the non-profit extension of VINCI Education Inc. (formerly Rullingnet Corporation), is pleased to announce its first of a series of model schools for the 21st Century learning – VINCI School of Ottawa in Canada’s capital city.

Advancing its mission to introduce the next generation science, technology and engineering into early and primary childhood education, VINCI Foundation plans to open a series of model schools strategically located in world’s most influential capital cities. In addition to VINCI School of Ottawa, two more model schools are planned to launch in Washington, D.C., and in Beijing, China.

“The easiest skills to teach are also the easiest to replace with computers and robots,” said Dr. Dan Yang, creator of the award-winning VINCI Blended Learning. “Schools need to teach a new set of skills that go beyond factual learning. Reasoning capabilities, robotics, scientific analysis, and project presentation skills should all be part of the learning agenda for young children, to ensure our kids are well-prepared to live in the digital century.”

VINCI School of Ottawa will be the only school within Canada’s capital region to closely follow American Common Core standards; supplemented by Singapore Math practices, and online math and literacy programs from Stanford University’s EPGY program. Referencing best curriculum and practices from around the world, working together with researchers and education experts, VINCI School will introduce robotics and engineering program to children aged 4 to 8 years old.

“Young children learn best through hands-on activities,” said Glynda Simmons, Head Teacher and Director of Curriculum. “It is crucial for us, as educators, to fuel children’s curiosity and support them along the way to ensure they take their learning to the next level by coming up with creative solutions to the problems in and beyond the classroom.”

At VINCI School, from eating a hot, freshly prepared lunch at school’s Bistro during an extended lunch hour, to planting and growing vegetables in the schoolyard, while discovering how an orange from Florida arrives at their lunch table, children learn in a new holistic and “green” environment where traditional subjects such as Math and Reading are interconnected with real life experiences, problems and solutions.

Enabled by technology – all VINCI classrooms are equipped with cutting-edge smart boards and tablets.

VINCI School offers parents the opportunity to put their bright children in a homogenous learning environment where more than 80 percent of the student body has the potential to exceed their grade levels; and where the learning is hands-on, individualized and with a focus on innovation and creativity.

Challenging traditional private education, and with the aim to make high quality education accessible to all the families regardless their economic situation, VINCI School offers merit-based scholarships to children whose parents are committed to supporting their success.

VINCI School is hosted in the building of former Counterpoint Academy, which is currently undergoing extensive renovations in order to begin full-time operations in June 2014. The official deadline for submitting applications to VINCI School of Ottawa is May 1, 2014.

VINCI Schools of Beijing and Washington, D.C. are currently in the planning stages. The two schools will be open within the next 12 to 18 months.

More details on VINCI School can be found at

About VINCI Education

VINCI Education, formerly Rullingnet Corporation, has pioneered the creation of a new category of fun learning with the goal to engage, empower and educate young children. By using a scaffolding teaching methods designed by developmental psychologists and education experts, VINCI’s products and solutions deliver play-based learning programs for the home and the classroom. Its product “Class VINCI” provides curriculum and assessment tools for educators, and comes equipped with a cloud-based Learning Management System which provides diagnostic reports on each student’s progress. VINCI For Home provides leveled curriculum for use at home and covers a wide range of subjects such as math, language and critical thinking. VINCI Education won multiple awards in 2013 including CES 2013 Innovation Award, EDDIE Award from CompuGazette Magazine. VINCI Education is a global company with design and support offices in North Andover, MA, USA, Ottawa, ON, Canada. It has acquired a chain of franchise learning centers in China in 2013 in order to support its worldwide expansion. For more about VINCI and its Blended Learning Programs, visit them online at:

About VINCI Foundation

VINCI Foundation, a Delaware non-profit organization, has the mission to offer affordable individualized and private education services to bright children who have the potential to become tomorrow’s leaders, regardless of their socioeconomic status. Integrating the world’s best practices such as Montessori, Reggio Emilia, Math curriculum from Asian countries, Reasoning and Creativity Nurturing programs promoted by the American researchers, VINCI Foundation promotes holistic and cross-curricular learning through hands-on experiences in science, technology and engineering projects.

Glynda Simmons, Head Teacher and Director of Curriculum
VINCI School of Ottawa
(613) 518 – 6782