VINCI Curriculum by Subject

VINCI Curriculum by Subject

The three levels of VINCI Curriculum take an inquiry-based approach which promotes the innate curiosity and the love of learning in each child. Structured, yet with minimum instruction, children are invited to explore VINCI Curriculum at their own pace, and are encouraged to formulate their own understanding of the world unseen through the lens of VINCI’s colorful and 3D interface.VINCI Curriculum covers three main learning subjects including Language/Arts, Math/Logic and Science.

Thinking Skills Power Future Success

VINCI Curriculum primarily focuses on cultivating children’s thinking skills. Before a child can create, he/she has to learn to observe. analyze, anticipate and plan. Developing such skills is a matter of building a habit to think and analyze before acting. Strategies which invite children to observe, analyze, anticipate and plan can be found throughout VINCI Curriculum apps.


Language/Arts Curriculum

In an ever busy, overwhelming and globalized world, it is vitally important to learn to be an effective communicator and listener. For young children, the initial work is focused on helping them express their own feelings before learning how to spell and write. VINCI Curriculum provides access to over 2000 English words as well as to hundreds of adjectives and adverbs. Plus, VINCI Curriculum supports a convenient multi-language feature, which allows the child to play the apps in English, French. Spanish, and Chinese.

Math & Logic Reasoning

Scientists have already proven that babies are born with innate math abilities. VINCI Curriculum aims to strengthen this innate ability by integrating Montessori’s math structure. At L1, toddlers learn to differentiate quantity. By L2, children learn to associate symbols with quantities. By the time children progress to L3, they are introduced to the decimal system and basic math concepts to ensure they are equipped with the right skills for school.

Knowledge of the World Helps Raise Future Leaders

VINCI Curriculum provides a strong introduction to the world. Geography, culture, animals. history and people of the Unites States, Africa and China at VINCI Curriculum L3. More regions of the world are under development.


Science Curriculum

The world operates according to specific rules in each specific area, and children start recognizing these rules from birth and beyond. The ability to observe establishes the foundation for scientific thinking. Strategies can be taught so children learn to analyze, anticipate and build a habit of planning ahead for success. Check out VINCI Curriculum samples to see how VINCI can help you raise your little scientist.