How A Toddler Playing With An iPhone Led To An Education Revolution

By Lydia Dishman – May 8, 2014
Dan Yang was a highly successful telecom entrepreneur, until her toddler daughter’s fascination with the iPhone prompted a leap into education startup VINCI. Now with million in revenue and growing, Yang’s ready to lead a charge in schools. …Read More

VINCI Education Launches Real-time, Data-enabled Elementary Math Curriculum

By PR Newswire – April 22, 2014
VINCI Education, home of the award-winning VINCI Blended Learning Solutions, expands its offering by launching the Elementary series of its real-time, data-enabled Math Curriculum. The Curriculum, sequenced to break down …Read More

Tablets From VINCI and Michley Tivax Take Mobile Computing to New Frontiers

By Michael L. Berman, Writer and editor @ – February 11, 2014
A tablet is a tablet, is a tablet, etc. Or at least that’s what I thought until I became aware of the variety of ways they’re adapting to our lives — at work, in education and at play. We recently received two tablet computers that have opened our eyes as to what the future may hold for these mobile devices. …Read More

Superintendents, Principals Move to Conquer Tech Weaknesses

By Robin L. Flanigan @ – January 27, 2014
Many school leaders insist on the need to promote a school culture that embraces blended learning and innovation through technology, but they struggle to put in place what they preach. “We’re constantly getting calls from superintendents and principals who just have no idea where to start,” said Allison Powell, vice president for state and district services at the International Association for K-12 Online Learning, in Vienna, Va. “And there’s pretty much no support available for them.” …Read More

Vinci Tab III M 5″ Learning Tablet Review: Making Learning Fun

By Susan Bewley @ – January 23, 2014
While I hate to admit it, I have lost touch with most of the toys that are popular today. It has been a long time since even the youngest of my siblings was a child (my youngest sister in law turned 16 in Nov. – yikes!) and I am now struggling to find the perfect gifts for my three year old niece. If it weren’t for my blogging friends with kids, I wouldn’t have a clue where to even start, and I know I will be depending on them quite a bit when I have my own children. …Read More

Research-based games help make learning fun again

By eSchool News Staff @ – January 1, 2014
Young children are naturally curious, and one of the main ways they learn is through play. Yet, when they arrive at school, too often this sense of play is lost. Aiming to recapture this sense of play and make learning more fun and engaging for students, a growing number of schools are turning to digital games to help teach core curriculum. That’s the thinking behind VINCI Education as well. …Read More

Tablets just for kids – no grown-ups allowed!

By Molouk Y. Ba-Isa @ – December 27, 2013
Let’s face it kids love electronics but most electronics don’t survive very long when they’re used by kids. In recent research by SquareTrade, half the parents surveyed said their kids had damaged a tablet, smartphone or laptop. That’s scary when grown-up’s “toys” can cost thousands of riyals and it gives parents a good reason not to share their mobile devices. But that’s also a great reason for kids to get their own mobile computers. There are some really nice tablets made just for children. So take a look at what’s new. …Read More

VINCI 5″ Family Friendly Tablet

By Kara Teel @ – December 22, 2013
My daughter loves playing games and watching videos on my tablet, but I’d rather she be on something more family friendly and a device that can be more regulated by my husband and me. Plus when I want to use my tablet, she’s begging to play her Barbie dress-up game so it would be great to take back “sole ownership” of my device. Luckily, VINCI contacted me just in the nick of time to set up this tablet, wrap it and put it under the Christmas tree for my five year old. Their 5″ tablet is great for kids ages 1.5 to 9 years and has some great features that make it safe for children and parent friendly as well. …Read More

VINCI MV Family Tablet announced

By Edwin @ – December 12, 2013
There are tablets, and then there are tablets. The holiday season is upon us yet again, and it is time to bust that brain trying to figure out just what kind of gifts can you get for your loved ones. Assuming your little one has been pestering you for the longest time to get him or her an iPad, but you figured out that it might not be suitable at all, how about checking out the VINCI MV Family tablet? …Read More

Product Review: Kid’s VINCI Family Tablet

By Coupondipity @ – December 9, 2013
Recently, we were sent a VINCI Tabletto include in our holiday gift guide, and while it’s definitely in the gift guide, we wanted to tell you a little more info than the gift guide normally provides, because we are SO impressed with this awesome product! …Read More

Vinci MV 7 Android Tablet For Kids Gets Launched

By Chad Buenaflor @ – December 8, 2013
One of the best things about Android tablets is that there is something for everyone. If you are looking for feature packed devices then you might want to check out some of the latest offerings of brands such as Samsung or LG. If you are a price conscious consumer then you may want to go for the offerings of Google or Amazon. Those looking for tablets aimed at kids can also choose from several devices and one of this comes from a company called Vinci which has just launched the Vinci MV 7-inch Android tablet. Read more at …Read More

Vinci MV7 Tablet Targets The Whole Family

By Edwin Kee @ – December 8, 2013
Is the tablet market saturated right now, or do you think that there is still much more room for growth as well as improvement? Well, the Android segment is definitely a challenging one, with the likes of Samsung, ASUS and LG dominating where high end models are concerned, while those who are more price sensitive would look to the likes of Amazon, Google, HP and Dell. Is there a place for the Vinci MV7 tablet then? …Read More

Vinci MV 7 tablet aims at kids with 7-inch screen and Android

By Shane McGlaun @ – December 6, 2013
There are plenty of tablets on the market today to cover just about every price range. One of the more popular classes for tablets with lower prices is the 7-inch segment. A new tablet aimed specifically at kids and families has debuted called the Vinci MV 7 that fits into that popular 7-inch category. …Read More

Vinci MV 7 tablet aims at kids with 7-inch screen and Android

By admin @ – December 6, 2013
SlashGear: “There are plenty of tablets on the market today to cover just about every price range. One of the more popular classes for tablets with lower prices is the 7-inch segment. A new tablet aimed specifically at kids and families has debuted called the Vinci MV 7 that fits into that popular 7-inch category.” …Read More

Vinci MV 7 Tablet is a 7 inch Slate With Android, Meant for Kids

By James A. @ – December 6, 2013
The kids tablet segment has been receiving a lot of entries lately, from the likes of Samsung, Archos and many more brands, including some big retailers. Now you can find on Best Buy a model called Vinci MV 7, a tablet that sports a 7 inch screen and has a price tag of 9.99. …Read More

Vinci MV 7 Kiddie Tablet Ships for 9.99 / €146 with Extra Goodies

By Alexandra Arici @ – December 6, 2013
Recently, numerous reports and studies have been claiming tablets are the most desired tech gift by kids these holiday season. So parents, we have a new option for you to look into this Christmas. Here comes the Vinci MV 7, a slate aimed at children and families alike, that sports an adaptable 7-inch frame. Being a child friendly device, the slate features an interface capable of filtering out violent and adult content. …Read More

Vinci launches 0 MV 7 kids tablet with 3G capabilities

By Brad Linder @ – December 6, 2013
It’s hard out there for an Android tablet maker these days — it’s tough to compete with Samsung, LG, and Asus in terms of features, and it’s hard to compete with Amazon, Google, Dell and HP on price. So my first though when I saw the Vinci MV 7 tablet with a 7 inch screen and 0 price tag was that it was over-priced and under-specced. And it might be, but it does have something you don’t often find in a 0 tablet: support for 3G voice and data networks. …Read More

Latest Vinci Kids Tablet Launches

By Lisa Johnston @ – December 5, 2013
Andover, Mass. — Rullingnet launched its newest Vinci kids tablet, the Vinci MV tablet with a 7-inch screen. The Android 4.1 device, which comes preloaded with a variety of educational apps and music videos, is designed for children up to 9 years old. It features dual, unlocked quad-band SIM slots for voice activation should users wish to make use of its 3G connectivity. It also has built-in Wi-Fi. …Read More

VINCI and NAESP Partner to Support Principals in Early Childhood Education

By – November 21, 2013
NORTH ANDOVER, Mass., and ALEXANDRIA, Va., Nov. 21, 2013—The National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP) and VINCI, home of award-winning VINCI Blended Learning curriculum and ClassVINCI, announced a multi-year partnership to further develop and promote effective leadership practice in early childhood education focused on improving instruction and learning in the earliest grades. …Read More

VINCI and National Association of Black School Educators Unite in Detroit for Early Childhood Education

By – November 13, 2013
DETROIT, Nov. 13, 2013—ClassVINCI, the world’s first Blended Learning Program for early childhood education, and the National Alliance of Black School Educators (NABSE) today launched a new partnership in order to level the playing field for all students. As a result of this collaboration …Read More

Study: 38 percent of kids under 2 have used a mobile device

By Amanda Kooser @ – October 28, 2013
Kids these days are equipped with certain standard-issue items. Babies get usually get a onesie, a pacifier, a stuffed toy, and maybe an iPad. Common Sense Media, a nonprofit focused on educating families about technology and media, has found that 38 percent of toddlers and babies under the age of 2 have used a mobile device. …Read More

Cool Tool | VINCI Tablet

By admin @ – October 21, 2013
Imagine if kids poured their passion and time into the play that taught them math, science, grammar — concepts which they barely noticed, because they were so fun. That’s the logic behind VINCI’s blended learning solution for schools featuring their kid-friendly tablet designed specifically for early childhood classrooms and home settings. …Read More

Case Study: EnCompass Academy

By – October 16, 2013
Following the 2013 March break, the EnCompass Academy acquired 54 VINCI Tabs preloaded with math courses mapped to the existing curriculum. Teachers integrated the ClassVINCI math courses to supplement their curriculum, and to build and reinforce math skills …Read More

VINCI Blended Learning Program Wins 2013 EDDIE Award

By – October 3, 2013
(Boston, Mass. & Ottawa, Ontario) Oct. 3rd, 2013 – The winners of the 18th Annual Education Software Review Awards (EDDIE) have been announced, and the award for best tablet learning solution went to VINCI’s blended learning program. Vinci’s blended learning program, ClassVINCI …Read More

How to support young learners with tablets

By Laura Devaney, Managing Editor @ – October 1, 2013
Tablets and other mobile devices are not uncommon in today’s classrooms and in the hands of students. But companies targeting “typical” students sometimes forget an important subset that benefits greatly from access to mobile devices–young learners, especially those in pre-kindergarten and kindergarten. …Read More

Inspiring the Genius

By Victor Rivero, Editor in Chief of EdTech Digest – July 31, 2013
Dan Dan Yang had traversed the globe looking for educational tools to inspire her daughter (pictured with her) to develop a positive attitude toward lifelong learning. Her dissatisfaction with what was out there, and her child’s fascination with her smartphone — prompted her to realize that needs and interests of children just weren’t being met in the existing market. Consequently, she decided to create VINCI, a safe, child-friendly and technologically advanced early learning system specifically designed for young children. …Read More

June 2013, What’s New

By admin @ – May 31, 2013
Rullingnet Corporation has launched VINCI Blended Learning Programs equipped with cloudbased analytical tools. The fully-integrated learning programs support the ECE, Common Core, and Head Start standards. In addition, thanks to the cloud-based VINCI Play & Learn learning management tool, teachers receive real-time analytics about each child’s learning status. …Read More

Rullingnet Launches Blended Learning Programs for Early Childhood

By admin @ – April 30, 2013
VINCI Play & Learn system debuts at Head Start Conference LOS ANGELES & OTTAWA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–April 30, 2013– Rullingnet Corporation, home of VINCI Learning, the world’s first technology powered, and play-based learning systems for early childhood, is pleased to announce the launch of their Blended Learning Programs equipped with cloud-based analytical tools at the upcoming Head Start Conference, April 30(th) – May 2(nd) , 2013 in Washington, DC. …Read More

A Tale of Two Tablets

By Brian Nadel @ – April 10, 2013
Android tablets come in all shapes and sizes these days, but none are quite like Vinci’s Tab line. With 5- and 7- models, there’s a slate for every early-education classroom and subject, but with the difference that only well-thought out hardware and software can make. …Read More

Should You Use A Tablet For Homeschooling?

By Kelly @ – March 7, 2013
I have been home schooling for almost 3 years now and it was a great decision. My son has autism and he began to have problems with school at the end of his 3rd year. Our occupational therapist told us to expect to start seeing issues around the 4th grade, so we were right on target. Henry had difficulty working with so many kids in one room along with the noises and distractions in the classroom. In the summer before 4th grade was to start, my husband and I decided to give home schooling a try. …Read More

Vinci Tab MV 5″ Tablet & Phone Combo Review and Ratings

By William Harrel @ – March 5, 2013
A Combined smartphone, tablet, and childhood learning device, the Vinci Tab MV is pokier than recent Android tablets, but its dual-SIM support and access to Vinci’s curriculum make it a winner for parents, day-care providers, and schools sold on the good-but-pricey content. …Read More

VINCI Tab III M 5” Learning Tablet {Review – Part I}

By admin @ – March 4, 2013
I love teaching my daughter new things and watching her eyes light up with each newfound piece of knowledge. Nothing can beat the feeling of watching her process something complex or advanced for her age and seeing the puzzle pieces slowly come together as she gets the concept fully. Unfortunately for us, I am vastly under qualified to teach her anything curriculum based and I must rely on others to teach her the basics of reading, writing, arithmetic and science. …Read More

Vinci Tablet

By The IE Mommy @ – February 28, 2013
Over the past few weeks I have spent a lot of time with my kids playing the games on the Vinci Tablet and observing their educational value. (Check out my first review on the tablet here.) I am still amazed at how educational and targeted at learning these games truly are! I have another tablet for kids by another brand (that shall remain nameless) whose games are also supposed to be educational but they don’t even come close to what Vinci has to offer. When they say it’s educational, it’s quite literal. It really puts all others to shame. …Read More

VINCI Early Learning System Tablet

By admin @ – February 22, 2013
From the first day that I took my iPad out of the box, I had no plans for it to end up being a child’s toy. Same thought for my iPhone. We’re talking (not cheap) technology that, while great for entertainment, can be pretty non-educational. Besides, did my kids really need another screen to stare at? …Read More

Vinci Touchscreen Learning Tablet

By The IE Mommy @ – February 14, 2013
The moment I got my first iPhone I knew I was in trouble! My kids took it to play games on at every opportunity. Next they took over my Kindle Fire and they are more adept then I am at using both at just three and four years old! My kids love anything touchscreen so the Vinci learning tablet is perfect for them and I am thrilled to finally have something that is just for them, and not just so I can get my stuff back! …Read More

Vinci Tab III M

By admin @ – January 29, 2013
Eugene Kim of has posted his review of the VINCI Tab III M, presenting the device with an editor rating of Good. He writes: “As far as content goes, Vinci’s original apps are very polished compared with those of competitors. The apps are almost all educational, teaching skills through voice prompts and touch interaction….Where other kid-friendly models preload a bunch of games and entertainment-focused content, the Vinci is decidedly focused on educating children, which many parents will likely prefer. Amazon doesn’t include any educational content, while Fuhu includes some decent educational content, but it’s not quite as polished as Vinci’s. …Read More

VINCI Tablet Review – Inspire Your Little Geniuses @VINCIGenius

By Stacie @ – January 29, 2013
Stacie, who is one of Cision Media’s Top 10 Most Influential Mommy Bloggers, gave the VINCI tablet a try and fell in love. Read her full review of our fun and educational tablet. …Read More

Vinci Tablet Review

By Nicole @ – January 29, 2013
This month we’ve been testing the VINCI Tablet II 7″ Learning Tablet for Children 1.5 to 9 yrs old. Since my girls are 5 and 7 we fall right in the sweet spot. Here’s what you should know: I am not a tech writer. In fact, we don’t own a television and tend to be tech-light other than my home office needs. I would never plunk down 0 for an iPad for the kids to break. When this tablet pitch arrived in my inbox I was intrigued. It was well-priced, sturdy and seemed to offer a lot of variety. …Read More

VINCI Tablet: Learning Tool that’s FUN

By Melissa @ – January 23, 2013
For the past month, Melissa from All Things Chic has been reviewing the VINCI Tab – an educational and fun tablet for kids – in her home. Melissa loved child-safe hardware and educational games in VINCI Curriculum. Check out Melissa’s full review. …Read More

VINCI Tablet: Review Part I- Initial Impression

By ajb30 @ – January 21, 2013
I am always on the lookout for fun and educational items that interest my girls, and let me tell you they are pretty hard to please. It seems like they bore with most items pretty quick, so if an item keeps there attention for longer than 10 minutes I am ecstatic. I was so grateful to be able to review the amazing VINCI tablet for you all today. …Read More

This Week in Tablets: Display tech and far-out designs top CES 2013’s top tablet trends

By George Jones @ – January 12, 2013
Vinci, who I discussed a few months ago, was also at the show, demonstrating a new 5.5-inch hybrid tablet-phone named the Tab MV. Even Dell appears to be in education mode—the company made it clear that its newest Dell Latitude 10 “essentials” Windows 8 tablet would be targeted towards schools and small businesses. Acer is also targeting kids with its value line of tablets. …Read More

Behind-the-scenes at the Consumer Electronic Show

By Aaron Slavik @ – January 10, 2013
Vinci was one of the many tablet options for kids. This model is an Android device that has a custom skin on top specifically made for children. The case not only protects the device, but also allows kids to grab it easily. …Read More

CES 2013: Vinci adds smart-phone-like Tab MV to its educational-gadget lineup

By Shane Schick @ – January 9, 2013
You’ve probably handed your tablet or smart phone to your children to entertain them more times than you’d care to think about. But what if you could give your kids a tablet or phone of their own that actually helps them learn, following a real educational curriculum? That’s what Vinci has in mind with its new Vinci Tab MV. …Read More

CES 2013: In search of the next RIM

By Shane Schick @ – January 9, 2013
If you walk through the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas, just past the replica canals and art exhibits, you’ll find the giant halls where the keynote speeches of this year’s Consumer Electronics Showcase are taking place. And on your way, you might just walk by Kamar Shah and the seven-inch tablet he’s been demonstrating to anyone he meets. …Read More

Deals digest: VINCI technology to provide real-time student data to teachers in China

By OBJ Staff @ – January 7, 2013
An education company with a local presence has been selected to deliver its technology to schools in Shanghai, China. VINCI Early Learning Systems – owned by Rullingnet Corp. and with an office in Ottawa – has signed an agreement with Shanghai’s education department to implement its classroom intelligence program in 1,400 government-operated kindergartens. …Read More

VINCI Tablet Review

By Colleen Padilla @ – January 5, 2013
If your investigating options for an electronic learning device for young children (preferably 18 months – 5 years old), consider the VINCI Tablet when doing your research. If you don’t want your children to use your iPad and are looking for something that looks very “official” and like your adult device, the VINCI is a high end option preloaded with educational apps, games, and stories and runs on an Android tablet for children aged 18 months – 9 years old. …Read More

Don’t Let a Kids’ Tablet Take the Parent Out of the Equation

By @ – January 4, 2013
It’s already happened so many times that the shock has completely worn off. But that doesn’t mean my jaw didn’t drop the first time I saw my daughter, who’s three now, pushing her finger against a magazine page as if it would interact with her when she did. She’s done the same thing with books and photos as well as my computer screen and our TV screen, much to my dismay. Hopefully some psychologist is at work at a better name for it, but for argument’s sake, I’ll call it touch-screen syndrome. …Read More

VINCI Educators Solution and Tab MV with Phone Capabilities on Display at CES 2013

By @ – January 4, 2013
Rullingnet Corporation, home of VINCI Early Learning Systems, will be demonstrating its latest product innovations at the MommyTech Summit during the 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), booth #71103 at The Venetian. “We at VINCI are thrilled to be demonstrating our latest devices, software, and products at this year’s CES,” said Kamar Shah , CMO, who will be on-site for CES. “We continue to evolve our offerings to ensure we are developing engaging and educational tools that help advance children’s development. Our newest tablet and latest solution for classrooms are all aimed at that mission.” …Read More

Vinci Android Tablet for Kids

By Ryan Carlson @ – January 3, 2013
As tablet technology has become mainstream it was inevitable that manufacturers of educational toys would embrace this technology and do more than just create apps. Not every parent is willing to entrust their young kids with their expensive tablet computer. In fact, most parents (myself included) will watch on in horror as their kids run across the living room with an iPad to the chorus line, “no running with the iPad!” …Read More

VINCI Tab II Touch Screen Learning Tablet Review

By Amanda Rock @ – December 29, 2012
If you have any type of tablet at home, chances are your preschooler is drawn to it. With all the apps geared at children for such devices, it seems only natural. But some parents (understandably) don’t want to turn over their expensive, delicate device to their little one. A good option instead is to buy a tablet geared specifically at young children. The VINCI Tab II Touch Screen Learning Tablet is one such gadget. …Read More

Educational Toys for Toddlers

By Dresden @ – December 28, 2012
Three and a half is a sponge age. W has always had amazing ears for picking up words and phrases and right now I am really hearing myself and Lolly in his vocabulary. When he drops a fork he exclaims, “good grief!” When he is expressing empathy he now says, “that’s ok, sweetheart”. …Read More

Kids and Moms and Tech Part I: The Reverse Titanic Syndrome

By Robin Raskin – Founder, Living in Digital Times @ – December 28, 2012
As the Titanic was sinking, it was kids and women into the lifeboats first, but in the high tech world, kids and women are often back-burner-ed while guys get their gadget fixes daily. Each year at the International CES, we play contrarian by hosting the Kids@Play and MommyTech Summits, a series of exhibits and conferences that look at the other 70 percent (moms and kids) and how they use gear and gadgets differently than most of the engineers who create them. This year will be no exception. …Read More

Even More Toys Your Kids Will Love This Holiday Season

By – December 27, 2012
Before the Holidays I told you about Vinci Genius, the tablet for little ones with a built in curriculum. This tablet has been Brady’s go-to toy this season. He even reaches for this over his iPad! The size, easy handles and apps really make it so kids are drawn to it. When Brady plays with it, he’s mostly interested in the videos. Especially the ones the animated baby is singing in. You can watch these songs free online or download them to your Vinci Tablet. Brady’s top two favorites? Wheels on the Bus and Row Your Boat. …Read More

Vinci Touchscreen Learning Tablet for Toddlers & Preschoolers

By Rachel Ferrucci @ – December 20, 2012
Let’s face it, kids today can turn on a computer and they know how to use it at age five. Toddlers now have electronic toys that teach them their colors, shapes, tells them stories, sings music, and everything else you can imagine. The problem is most of these gadgets don’t allow you to add to them. They’re usually very limited. …Read More

VINCI, Inspire the Genius!

By Role Mommy Contributor, Danielle Feigenbaum – December 14, 2012
Call me old fashioned, but I would rather see my kids playing with their Legos, reading or doing an art project, than playing on on a technical device. I do my best to limit the time on their iTouch, the Wii and even watching TV, which is not easy in this day and age. Even though they tell me they are playing an “educational” game, I know that Angry Birds will usually win out. Recently, I was lucky enough to receive the VINCI Tab, a tech device that I actually felt really good about giving to my five year old son. …Read More

Holiday Gift Idea For Kids: Vinci Early Learning System Tablet Review

By Tired Mom Tésa @ – December 14, 2012
Dave has had a smartphone since Kora and Logan were toddlers. He didn’t let them play with it much back then but on occasion he would download a toddler friendly app and in minutes they were swiping, pinching, and using the touchscreen to play simple games. As they’ve grown, touchscreens and tablets have become a part of their lives. While we have found a number of great apps for our tablet I’m always interested in learning more about tech & gadgets targeted toward children. …Read More

Smarter children with a tablet

By Tony Liaw @ – December 12, 2012
Nowadays, children have become so familiar with touchscreen devices they believe that any appliance with a big, flat screen will work just like another Apple iPad. So it is not uncommon to see little children swiping the 48-inch flat screen in their homes hoping to turn it on. …Read More

VINCI – Inspire the Genius

By admin @ – December 7, 2012
Smart phones are as close as this family has gotten to “a tablet”. We have the ereaders, the music players, the laptops, lots of apps, and semi modern technology to keep us busy from the toddler to the husband…yet never ventured into the world of tablets, either Mac or Android or beyond. Did I realize what we were missing? No, I didn’t think so…that was until VINCI landed in our laps! …Read More

Gift guide: For kids, from baby to teen

By Roxanne Hack @ – December 5, 2012
Whether you’ve got a newborn or a teen, there are plenty of toys and gadgets to choose from. Here are a few selections, sorted by age. Each age group features a splurge item, a medium-priced item and a stocking stuffer. …Read More

Toys With an Educational Twist

By AngEngland @ – December 4, 2012
Electronic tablets and gaming systems range widely in price, flexibility, add-on capabilities, and age range. I narrowed the selections down to three that covers a variety of age ranges, price points and each has it’s unique pros and cons. …Read More

Even More Toys Your Kids Will Love This Holiday Season

By Emily @ – December 4, 2012
Our Holiday Toy Guide was released almost a month ago and most of the toys on that list are on par with retail sales. A lot are hard to find, so if you see one, Grab it! We’ve played with a few more toys here to expand the list for you! Here are five more toys we love! …Read More

VINCI Tablet and Full Learning System Review

By admin @ – December 3, 2012
We live in a technological age, and many of the Must Have gifts for the people in our lives are gadgets. Kids included! Many kids are looking for mp3 players, iPads and other devices to listen to music on or play games. …Read More

5 Great Android Tablets for Kids

By admin @ – December 1, 2012
A 5-inch tablet, the Tab II M lets kids browse the Web and use email and social networking, all with parental login controls. It also features Vinci Curriculum, a learning environment designed to engage all aspects of a child’s developing mind. …Read More

The 7 Best Tablets for Kids

By Andrea Smith @ – November 30, 2012
If you’ve been spending way too little time with your tablet because it’s usually in the hands of your kids, it may be time to think about getting them one of their own. Plus, like it or not, a portable tablet is a great way to keep kids entertained on a plane or a long car trip if you’re travelling this holiday season. …Read More

Vinci Tab II is a 5 inch Android tablet for children

By Brad Linder @ – November 27, 2012
The Vinci Tablet is a 7 inch Android tablet with a rugged case designed for use (and abuse) by children. Now the makers of that 7 inch tablet are introducing a new model with a smaller display. The Vinci Tab II M features a 5 inch display and a lighter case design than the company’s 7 inch tablet. It’s available for pre-order for 9. …Read More

Mommy Gearest’s Glorious Gift Guide, part II: 12 to 24 months

By Mommy Gearest @ – November 24, 2012
What happens when you give dozens of parent-and-baby testers some of the newest – and potentially hottest – toys and gear? You get a parent-and-kid-approved list of the must-buy gifts this holiday season. …Read More

This Week in Tablets: Buying advice for Black Friday and beyond

By George Jones @ – November 24, 2012
The worst part about Black Friday in the States is that you can’t avoid it. I was in Los Angeles for Thanksgiving, and it’s all we heard about on the news, on the radio and in the media. Sandwiched between all the news about shopping? A barrage of ads touting the occasion. …Read More

Gift guide: For kids, from baby to teen

By ROXANNE HACK @ – November 21, 2012
VINCI Tab – With the growing popularity of tablets, the VINCI Tab is specifically designed for children with step-by-step learning structure, various development features, and three levels: “The Curious” (18 to 30 months), “The Confident” (2.5 to 3.5 years) and “The Capable (3.5 to 5 years). The tab switches to parent mode so it can also be used for web browsing, email and more. Cost: 9.99-9.99 …Read More

3 Hot Electronic Learning Toys for Toddlers

By Leticia Barr @ – November 21, 2012
Toddlers are just as drawn to electronics as we are. They want our smartphones and our tablets, but not all electronics and the apps we have on them are created equal. If you’re thinking about taking the leap into the digital world, ensure that what you’re getting is age-appropriate and serves as a way to increase your child’s developing understanding of math and reading through engaging activities. Here are three items that are hot commodities for toddlers this holiday season. …Read More

KID STUFF: Child-friendly gadgety gift ideas

By By Keith Shaw @ – November 19, 2012
My obsession with technology and gadgets came at a relatively early age – I got the Merlin, a handheld toy with red lights, cool sounds and the ability to play a mean game of tic-tac-toe. …Read More

Hot Gift! Vinci Kid’s Tablet is #1 On My Boys’ List!

By dawn @ – November 16, 2012
Okay moms, if you are still looking for that perfect gift, we have found it! I have been looking all over for a tablet for Bean for Christmas, and when we got the chance to review the Vinci tablet, I knew it was the perfect one! When I heard that it was invented by a mom, I was in! We knew that we wanted to get Bean a tablet this year. Tater has his iPod Touch, and after Christmas will have his laptop too, and poor little Bean is so jealous. I knew that a kid’s tablet would be perfect for him, but I couldn’t decide which one… …Read More

Vinci Learning System Review

By admin @ – November 16, 2012
We are a family entrenched in technology. My husband works for a major software company and I run a social media agency, so between the two of us, we’re on our tablets, mobiles, or multiple laptops and desktops all day long. Don’t even get me started on how much time my husband spent gleefully wiring our home so that everything is connected to the Internet. Everything. …Read More


By admin @ – November 13, 2012
Rullingnet, the home of VINCI, announced that it has been named an International CES Innovations 2013 Design and Engineering Awards Honoree for its VINCI Curriculum. Products entered in this program are judged by a panel of independent industrial designers, engineers and members of the media to honor outstanding design and engineering in consumer electronics products across 29 product categories. Designed to prepare children for school success, with a special focus on building learning capabilities …Read More

VINCI Curriculum Named as CES Innovations 2013 Design and Engineering Awards Honoree

By Eliane Fiolet @ – November 12, 2012
VINCI Curriculum is the software exclusively running in the VINCI Tab II and the VINCI Tab II M (photo above) , two tablets specifically designed for kids. VINCI curriculum is tailored to help children build learning capabilities. It features 43 monthly themes and topics across 3 levels of learning: The Curious; The Confident; and The Capable. …Read More

Gift Guide: The low down on kids’ learning tablets and handheld touch systems

By Megan Rebelo @ – November 6, 2012
Another option for parents is the VINCI TAB II. Made by VINCI, a provider of touchscreen learning tablets for children, the VINCI Tab II is definitely a gadget that you should check out this holiday season. The VINCI company offers Android tablets for toddlers and preschoolers that are also fully functioning for parents when in parent mode – how cool is that? …Read More

6 tips for traveling with toddlers

By Kelly Burgess @ – November 6, 2012
Remember when one airline’s slogan was “Fly the Friendly Skies?” Not anymore. Flying with young kids has become a full contact sport, with more airlines canceling priority boarding for families with small children, putting weight limits on gate-checking strollers, and parents being forced to pay a premium to actually sit with their kids. Add to those headaches the task of keeping a toddler happy, quiet and safe as they’re forced into immobility by the rules of either the road or the airline. …Read More

Sassy Scoop: The Vinci – NOT Your Average Toddler Tablet

By admin @ – November 5, 2012
I’m willing to bet your kiddo more than knows his or her way around your smartphone or tablet. They may even already have their own. But while the iPad has probably saved more than one family dinner out, this early immersion in the world of tech has some experts worried. …Read More

With Training Tablets for Kids Surging, Safe Apps Are a Must

By Kamar Shah, Rullingnet Chief Marketing Officer – September 21, 2012
The headlines are certainly striking: Apple’s new iPhone 5, which promises ease of use for adults and youngsters alike; Amazon’s new Kindle. Curiously, even Toys ‘R Us is trying to seize on all these trends, unveiling its Tabeo, the latest child-friendly tablet to enter the market. …Read More

Dan Yang, Scientist, Mother, And Entrepreneur Creates Vinci Tablet For Children

By Daniel Melo @ – September 14, 2012
Living in a large metropolitan area, it’s not uncommon for me to see toddlers playing with their parents’ phones and devices in public. Mom and Dad want to chat with their friends, try and relax, and have a semi-peaceful meal, so they just hand the child what they seem to be interested in anyway. …Read More

Gallery: The Ten Hottest Android Tablets For Kids And Education

By Eric Lai for UberMobile – September 11, 2012
The VINCI Tab II M is a new 9, 5-inch tablet from a company, Rullingnet Corp. that released its first 7-inch version a year ago. The smaller size makes it suitable for toddlers as young as 18 months – indeed, the company is jumping into the market for training baby geniuses once dominated by Disney’s Baby Einstein DVDs. …Read More

Top 10 tablets for kids

By Kori Ellis @ – September 7, 2012
Raising Techie Kids – The iPad isn’t the only tablet out there. If you are looking for a tablet for your child — whether he is in preschool or high school — you have a number of terrific options. …Read More

Jump start back to school with 6 great educational toys that are worth the money

By momstown Finds @ – September 6, 2012
Back to school, back to books – if you’re buying toys this month, many moms are thinking that ‘educational’ is the way to go. What makes a toy ‘educational’, exactly? Well, at momstown we’re really focused on the whole child, and believe that early education takes many forms – literacy, music, art, play, nutrition – we feel so strongly about this that our programming encompasses 6 pillars that speak directly to these elements. …Read More

Tablets, iPhone and iPad cases for toddlers

By Jonathan Takiff @ – August 28, 2012
THESE kids today! All they want to do is play with your iPhone or iPad. So why stop them? If you’re smart about it, you can safely start educating the little ones in their strollers with one of those smarty devices or a dedicated children’s tablet. …Read More

VINCI Launches First Kid-Focused App Library, Woos Developers With 75% Rev Share

By Rip Empson – July 26, 2012
Like many parents, Dan Yang was fascinated by her young daughter’s obsession with her iPhone. As she went through the process of planning the best way to introduce her to technology, apps, and games, she quickly became frustrated with the lack of educational technology made specifically for children. …Read More

Dan Yang, Rullingnet Corp.: Can The VINCI Tablet Create Baby Geniuses?

By Julia L. Rogers @ – June 30, 2012
Dan Yang had already started several successful, cutting-edge technology companies and products as an optical engineer when she began to notice her infant daughter’s obsession with her iPhone. As she began to explore how to responsibly introduce her daughter to technology, she noted a lack of age-appropriate educational technology for very young children. She decided to use million of her personal savings to change that. …Read More

Filed Under Tablet PCs New child-friendly Vinci Tab II ‘M’ is smaller, lighter, cheaper

By James Trew @ – June 27, 2012
If your Vinci II tablet was working out your children’s arms, more than their minds, then fear not. The makers have just announced the arrival of a new, lighter “M” model. The 5-inch kiddie slate is compatible with the Vinci Curriculum and Kids library apps, and keeps the option for Parent Mode for when Dad wants to check the football scores via the Android-based OS. …Read More

Does a child need a kid’s tablet?

By Suzanne Kantra, Techlicious @ – June 22, 2012
If you have a tablet and you have kids, chances are you’ve handed it over at some point for them to watch a video or play a game. So do you share your tablet and load it with kid content or should you get one that’s designed with their needs in mind? …Read More

Connected Devices for All

By admin @ – June 21, 2012
While we may not typically associate connected devices and technologies with fringe age groups such as children and seniors, it seems the movement toward mainstream adoption is making it more common for these groups to adopt devices and technologies. …Read More

Toddler-friendly Vinci Tab II makes its way to online retailers

By Alexis Santos @ – May 31, 2012
Though already available through Amazon and SkyMall, the Vinci Tab II — who we met in a previous life — has found its way to and is moseying to other e-tailers such as, and next month. …Read More

Vinci Tab II Reaches Online Retailers – Tablet for Kids/Toddlers

By Radu Iorga @ – May 31, 2012
If you’re looking for a tablet to fit your toddler, then the Vinci Tab II is the model you’re looking for. The device may already be available through Amazon and SkyMall, but it has now reached the mainstream action of …Read More

Tech Check: Tablets for Toddlers – CNBC

By Jon Fortt @ – April 20, 2012
CNBC’s Jon Fortt reports on Rullingnet’s “VINCI,” a children’s learning tablet. …Read More

TIFF Kids digiPlaySpace

By Torviewtoronto @ – April 13, 2012
TIFF Kids International Film Festival is a fabulous experience targeted for children age 3 to 13, although I think everyone will love this. This year TIFF is introducing a hands-on experience with their new digiPlaySpace, where children and adults can immerse themselves to learn and love new technology. …Read More

Dan Yang: Inspiring Young da Vinci’s One Tablet at a Time

By Hearpreneur @ – April 4, 2012
“Just do it” is Dan Yang’s favorite quote. She is a Ph.D, and CEO of Rullingnet and creator of VINCI, and she lives by this quote. Inspired by her younger daughter she is literally changing how young children play. VINCI Tab is a mobile touch screen computer with games, books and music videos for children from 18 months to 5 years old. …Read More

Tablets for Children, Including Apps

By Warren Buckleitner @ – March 28, 2012
Ready or not, here come a swarm of Android touch-screen tablets just for children. Leading the pack is Nabi by Fuhu (0), a tablet with a split personality. One is for children; the other is for parents who know the password. …Read More

Ellen’s Amazing Mother’s Day Giveaways!

By admin @ – March 27, 2012
It was a very special Mother’s Day in Ellen’s studio! Her audience full of first-time moms-to-be went home with some of the best new gadgets and gifts for their babies! See them all here. …Read More

Switched On: Tablets are toys. No, really.

By Ross Rubin @ – March 25, 2012
Ever since the tablet market exploded, we’ve seen a wide range of designs find both success and failure. But most of the tablets on the market have something in common: they are primarily designed for adults or at least children old enough to be responsible for a fragile device …Read More

VINCI: Mom-trepreneur creates touch-screen tablet for kids

By Joanne M. Choi @ – March 22, 2012
We laugh when we see kids, even toddlers, using their little fingers
to adroitly navigate their parent’s iPad or touch-phone. It’s a reflection of modern life and children needing stimulation at all
times. …Read More

5 Great Learning Tablets for Kids

By Marie Willsey @ – March 6, 2012
If you want to buy a kid-specific tablet — and price is no object — consider the Vinci Tab VH-2001. It offers an exceptional display and touch screen interface. Designed by a mom especially for tykes, the Vinci features a durable, soft frame that’s built for small hands and the occasional rough-and-tumble child’s play. …Read More

Facts & Fun – March 2012

By admin @ – March 1, 2012
Tired of your toddler or pre-schooler grabbing your iPad or other tablet PCs? Now there’s a tablet designed especially for youngsters. The VINCI Genius Tablet is a way to introduce technology to toddlers using an Android OS 3-D animation. …Read More

How to Shop for a Kid’s Tablet?

By admin @ – March 1, 2012
When you start shopping for a tablet for your kid, you probably assume that you will be choosing between two or three devices with rather limited functionality. …Read More

The Art of Raising Kids While Starting A Startup: An Interview With VINCI Founder Dr. Dan Yang

By Zach Davis @ – February 29, 2012
Ask any parent – raising kids isn’t easy (source: my parents). Ask any entrepreneur – starting a startup – also not easy. In attempting to combine the two, does one ultimately have to suffer? …Read More

The Top 5 Best Tablets For Kids

By Admin @ – February 17, 2012
The second tablet I researched while shopping for my son was the VINCI 7” Touch Screen Mobile Learning Tablet. As far as construction and durability is concerned, this thing may be the most durable tablet for kids that has been conceived. The device was invented by a mother, if that tells you anything. …Read More

VINCI Tablet Review [and how you can win one!]

By Anastasia @ – February 15, 2012
If you are a regular Eco-Babyz reader you probably know about our technology phobia. Maybe that’s too harsh of a term – I’m a blogger after all! I’m good with many programs, AutoCAD, Revit, Photoshop, SketchUp, etc. …Read More

Top 5 tablets for kids

By Raj Vasireddy – February 14, 2012
Vinci tab has been designed for the group of 2-4 years. This tab was designed to be a baby- friendly, to the fact that there is no harmful wifi or cellular signals because the hardware isn’t there within it.The tab has two layers to the OS one for babies and one is standard Android OS layers. …Read More

Ladies We Love: Dr. Dan Yang, CEO and Inventor

By Molly Cain @ – February 9, 2012
Today’s Ladies We Love features Dr. Dan Yang, CEO of Rullingnet and the creator of a great new piece of technology, the VINCI Genius. VINCI sets a new standard for learning by converging developmental science, cutting edge technology and early childhood education to offer a safe, fun and inspirational learning experience. We sat down with her to learn more about what makes this amazing woman tick. …Read More

Got Kids? Get Vinci. Develop Apps? Call Vinci.

By Darleen Hartley @ – February 3, 2012
A touch screen, interactive learning tool was demonstrated in the Rullingnet booth at CES. It’s called Vinci and was designed to foster the natural curiosity of toddlers and preschoolers. It is built to withstand their need to touch and feel, and even throw, everything. …Read More

Top 10 Tablets for Kids

By by Radu Tyrsina @ – January 20, 2012
This is the best looking tablet I’ve seen so far. It looks like a Formula 1 steering wheel, and it also has nice performance. This tablet features a 7” multi touch screen with a resolution of 800×480, a 3Mpx camera, 512 Mb RAM and all of these powered by a Cortex A8 microprocessor. You can install lots of apps and with its big screen it could be lots of fun for the little ones. …Read More

CES 2012: Mini Tablets Played Big

By admin @ – January 19, 2012
Shrinking tablets were a big theme at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, with some devices doubling as phones and others as platforms for gaming. The trend is sure to influence those who create apps and other digital materials for this newer size. …Read More

Vinci launching latest version of VINCI Tab a toddler tablet

By Gadget Guru @ – January 16, 2012
The year 2011 can be considered as the year of the tablets. Lot of tablet manufactures has come up with their own series of devices. A new trend has also been started with the introduction of toddler tablets. Toddler tablets mainly concentrate on learning applications and games that are made especially for kids. …Read More

Parent Tech at CES

By Kelby Carr @ – January 13, 2012
International CES is filled with some amazing parent tech, from devices to make live easier as a mom or dad to some pretty clever gadgets for children. There are thousands of booths here, so it isn’t easy to narrow things down. Here is a rundown of the coolest, standout parent tech I have seen so far at CES. …Read More

The 10 most important tablet trends, products, and stories at CES 2012

By Doug Drinkwater @ – January 13, 2012
CES 2012 proved to be yet another blockbuster show, and highlighted just how seriously manufacturers are beginning to take tablet devices. Having looked at what to expect prior to the show, TabTimes evaluates what this year’s exhibition taught us about the consumer electronics market, with tablets in particular, playing a lead role. …Read More

iPad competitors aim for niches

By Michael Sullivan @ – January 11, 2012
In the year since CES attendees named tablets the “must-have” technology of 2011, hardware developers have learned one major lesson to distinguish their products: It’s not enough to copy Apple’s iPad. With its market share at around 75% of tablet sales, Apple remains at the top of the heap, so it’s no surprise that competitors looked to mimic its functionality with their alleged “iPad killers.” …Read More

CES 2012: Day 1 Roundup

By James Floyd Kelly @ – January 11, 2012
This one caught my eye because of some signage that mentioned toddlers and preschoolers as the primary audience. Tablets are everywhere at CES, but this was the first one I’ve seen specifically geared towards kids… young ones. There will be multiple models depending on memory storage (4GB, 8GB) and age of user, and the company will be offering a subscription model that offers new apps each months or a flat monthly fee …Read More

Vinci Genius Tablet

By admin @ – January 10, 2012
How young is too young for a wee one to have her own tablet? One of us has a little diva that thinks her mom’s iPhone is really hers. Every day it’s truly a battle to get the phone out of her hands. Anyway we think the Vinci Genius Tablet (9) is a great idea to excite and spark the minds of the little ones in our lives. Who knows..tablets could be required for preschool in the next few years. …Read More

Corporate Daycare: From Toys to Tech

By Pam Waits, Chicago Human Resources Examiner @ – December 19, 2011
With more and more companies offering on-site daycare programs — it’s no wonder VINCI Genius is getting a nod from the HR executives who budget for these programs. At a cost of nearly 0 per Tablet designed for pre-school age children — the VINCI Genius is considered a bargain. …Read More

Dr. Dan Yang – Founder of DY: VINCI

By admin @ – December 1, 2011
Born Dan Dan (meaning very red in Chinese by her father who was classified as a black sheep during the Culture Revolution in China), Dr. Dan Yang was the first grandchild of an entrepreneurial family of six sons and two daughters. Her grandfather owned a boat factory and operated a transport business on the imperial canal which connects north and south China, but was relocated to rural China during the Culture Revolution. Her father, a self-taught man, tested airplane motors initially but eventually grew to lead the operations of a joint venture between his factory and Japanese motorcycle maker Suzuki. Her mother was a technician at a state-owned factory that produced electronic tubes. …Read More

VINCI Gives Kids Their Very Own Tablet – And a Jumpstart to Education [GIVEAWAY!]

By Jeana Lee Tahnk @ – October 20, 2011
Ever since the iPad made its debut onto the marketplace last year, the tablet has become the ‘it’ device to covet. Not only did other manufacturers create tablets to compete with the iPad, but a slew of tablets for kids emerged on the market as well. The VINCI Tablet is one of them that is geared towards kids aged 0-4 and was created by a mom who realized that her electronic devices were not meeting the needs of her young child. …Read More

Don’t Break My iPad: Tablets Designed for Kids

By ANDREA SMITH @abcandrea – October 13, 2011
Come on, you know you’ve done it. Handed that uber-expensive iPad off to your toddler, in exchange for just a few minutes of peace and quiet. Except to your kids, that expensive tablet is just a toy, made to be dropped and banged around a little while those awesome apps are being played. …Read More

Parentology: Will the Vinci computer help babies?

By Deborah Netburn @ – September 18, 2011
A computer for babies may sound like the stuff of science fiction, but a Canadian company has just made it reality. Last month Rullingnet Corp. launched Vinci, a 7-inch touch-screen tablet that sells …Read More

Tablets for Four-Year-Olds

By Valerie Chen @ – September 16, 2011
Ignoring the toy you just bought him, your four-year-old grabs your alluringly shiny smartphone instead. Much to your dismay, he alternates between placing your phone in his mouth and pressing on buttons – inadvertently calling your boss, an ex-boyfriend and many others in a span of minutes …Read More

A promising tablet for toddlers

By Hiawatha Bray, Globe Staff @ – September 8, 2011
If the children at the Bright Horizons child care center in Hingham were writing this review, it would all be over pretty quick. There’s a new tablet computer made just for us, they’d say, and we want one. Now. …Read More

Meet the tablet for… babies

By JP Mangalindan, Writer-Reporter @ – August 10, 2011
FORTUNE — With over 25 million sold, Apple’s iPad isn’t just a hit with adult consumers but also with their kids. In fact, they often learn to tap, swipe and pinch their way around its slick user interface faster than their parents. But whether or not they ought to at such an early age is a matter still up for debate. Dr. Dan Yang, founder of the Santa Monica, California-based Vinci, believes they should …Read More

Vinci Tablet Gets Babies Hands-On

By Lauren Hockenson @ – August 4, 2011
Now your child won’t have to snag your business-optimized tablet for fun and games: the Vinci, the first baby-specific tablet, has officially landed on pre-order at Amazon …Read More

Presenting The Perfect Informative & Interactive Gizmo For Kids, The Vinci Tab

By Rajeev Saxena @ – August 3, 2011
The ever expanding world of mobile devices that till last year was solely dominated by mobile phones and smartphones has now come to face a suitable addition in the form of tablets. These mini-computers are designed to provide the users with state of the art technology, wrapped in a neat package …Read More

A tablet computer for babies?

By Deborah Netburn @ – August 1, 2011
Giggle, wail, beep, bop, boop. Hear that? It’s the sound of technologically advanced babyhood. This month two new tablets aimed at children under 10 hit the market. Last week my colleague reported on …Read More

Ten Female Entrepreneurs And Mompreneurs To Watch

By Meghan Casserly @ – March 22, 2011
Dan Yang, Ph.D., inspired by her daughter’s love of interactive devices, is creating the first Android-based tablet for kids and toddlers. VINCI–which will be available this summer and is expected to retail in the …Read More

Tablet startups bet on digital classroom

By Deborah L. Cohen @ – February 16, 2011
The CEO of educational tablet maker mySpark Technologies ( is among a growing number of entrepreneurs attempting to change the way students study, share and do homework. …Read More

CES 2011: I Second That E-Motion

By David KleemanPresident, American Center for Children and Media @ – January 16, 2011
Last week, I attended my first Consumer Electronics Show, the massive exhibition of all things technology in Las Vegas. Not unlike Sin City itself, it’s something everyone should see once, just for the jaw-dropping sensory overload. With 140,000 attendees walking 35 football fields of show floor, it’s no surprise …Read More

Tech firms look to tap tablet’s potential

By Wailin Wong, Tribune reporter – January 6, 2011
Numerous rivals to Apple’s iPad unveiled at electronics show | LAS VEGAS — Just nine months ago, when Apple introduced the iPad, skeptics voiced doubts about its longevity. Even the product’s name was the subject of jokes …Read More