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March 29, 2016
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M27 – Park


Learning Objectives: Language

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Educational Objectives
To bring your child’s attention to the function of the verb; an action-based word.

To introduce the concept that verbs enable sentence building.

To develop the ability to recognize musical sounds through rhythm.

Your child will be introduced to real life scenarios that could be observed at a park. She is asked to select the “action button”, which states the action and allows your child to view the action while it is occurring. The sentence structure remains consistent, however, the verb continues to change. Your child is asked to point to the moving objects that are described within short sentences.

How to Maximize the Learning Experience
During Play
  1. Press the “action button to hear a description: “The boy is jumping.” Your child will simultaneously hear the sentence and view the boy jumping in the air.
  2. Press the next “action button” to hear the next description: “The boy is kicking the ball.” Listen and observe.
  3. he final “action button” can be pushed to hear: “The boy is throwing the ball up in the air”.
*Once the third action button has been pushed, the next scenario will come onto the screen.
Everyday Learning Guided by VINCI Curriculum
  1. You can ask your child to perform the action indicted by the command.
  2. Gradually build more complex sentences, following the example in this app. For example, “the boy is jumping “to “the boy is jumping high in the air”.
  3. Once your child is capable of understanding the above statement, say: “the boy is jumping high in the air on one foot”.
Observation Points
  1. Listen to your child speak to see if she is using the proper sentence structure and if her sentences are becoming more complex through the use of proper verbs.
  2. Observe your child to see if she can perform specific actions, while comprehending multi-step directions.
Multilanguage Support
This app supports English, Spanish, French and Chinese. Press the Option button to select your language preference at the start of the app.