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M65 – Seasons


Learning Objectives: Language, Science

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Educational Objectives
To understand basic facts about seasons, nature, the planet Earth and the solar system.

To observe and investigate the relationship between the Sun and Earth; the cause for seasons; and what causes day and night to occur.

To strengthen hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

Through this app your child will learn that the planet Earth is part of the Solar System and will observe the relationship between the Earth and the Sun. They will see how the movement of the Sun and the Earth create day and night and the four seasons – Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer. Your child will also learn about the different activities that people do during the different seasons. In addition, they will observe how plants change and how animals behave during each season.

How to Maximize the Learning Experience
During Play

The game begins by showing a view from outer space. The Sun is located in the middle of the screen. Surrounding the Sun is the Earth and rotating around the Earth is the Moon. The Earth is covered with trees coming out of its side. Circling the Sun are four outlines of the Earth, one to represent each season. When the desired location is touched, the Earth will begin its trip to that location and the trees will change to represent the designated season: Fall – colored leaves; Winter – snow covered trees; Spring – new growth; and Summer – lush green branches. Fun facts will be stated as the Earth rotates around the Sun and different weather conditions will occur within the different seasons.
  1. Touch the desired outline of the Earth to visit a Season – Fall, Winter, Spring, or Summer. The season will be named and the Earth will begin its journey around the sun. Observe the changes of the trees as the Earth passes through different seasons.
  2. Each season has a VINCI character that will help you learn – Billy Ant will teach you about Fall, Hohoha Monkey will teach you about Winter, Panda will teach you about Spring, and Baby Haha will teach you about Summer. Drag your finger along the screen to move from place to place.
  3. The scene will open and you will need to touch the flashing star to set up the different locations. Touch the location to begin. Within the location you will be able to personalize it by choosing decorations, an animal, and a cozy friend to join you. The locations include a garden, a maple tree with a tree house, a picnic table, a pine tree with a campfire, and a pond. Once decorated, push the play arrow button located on the right portion of the screen. Two different seasonal activities will become available to either participate in or observe for each location, one for day and one for night. (The Day/Night button is located on the right portion of the screen above the Play Arrow Button).
  4. Once each activity has been set-up, decorated, and played (in day and night mode), it is time to visit another season by touching the Seasons Button located on the top right portion of the screen.

Examples of activities that are included in “Fall”:

Garden Fall
Day – Harvest Vegetables
Night – Learn that a rabbit is a herbivore and observe as it eats vegetables

Maple Tree Fall
Day – Raking Leaves to help with cleanup
Night – Playing Pinata

Picnic Table Fall
Day – Carving a Pumpkin
Night – Observe nocturnal animals helping themselves to food

Pine Tree Fall
Day – Chopping Wood to keep warm in the cold Winter months
Night – Making Shadow Puppets by the light of the campfire

Pond Fall
Day – Feeding Ducks to help them get food before flying South for the Winter
Night – Observe bats coming out to eat insects

Everyday Learning Guided by VINCI Curriculum
  1. Read books about Seasons. Look at pictures to see different activities and physical aspects that occur during the seasons.
  2. Draw pictures of yourself and what type of clothing you would wear in the different seasons. Discuss different activities that you do as a family during the seasons for both day and nighttime activities. Plan some activities for your day, mentioning the season and see if your activities are similar to those done by the VINCI characters.
  3. Adopt a tree and watch to see the changes that occur during the seasons.
  4. Observe the sun rising and setting and discuss how the Earth’s movement affects day and night and the seasons.
  5. Observe the location of the sun with your child (being careful not to look directly at the sun) and discuss the correlation between the time of day and the suns location.
  6. Use the Internet to gather more information about the Sun, Earth, Seasons, and how day and night occurs.
Observation Points
  1. Observe and listen to your child as he/she speaks about the Earth, Sun, and Seasons to see if they understand the relationship between the Earth and the Sun and how the seasons occur/change, the difference between day and night, and the new knowledge learned.
  2. Listen to your child plan seasonal day and nighttime activities to see if he/she fully comprehends which should take place when.
Multilanguage Support
This app supports English, Spanish, French and Chinese. Press the Option button to select your language preference at the start of the app.