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VINCI Tab VM-5610 Troubleshooting Guide:

Software FAQs

Forgot Pattern/PIN/Password Lock

If you have forgotten the pattern, pin or password to unlock your device, you will need to contact customer support to obtain a file to remove the lock from your device.

Curriculum Installation

The SD card curriculum is not supported on this model. In order to obtain any curriculum, please visit;

This can be downloaded directly to your device via the Curriculum Central app. The Curriculum Installer currently installed on your device allows downloading of apps that have already been purchased on the VINCI site. You can delete this Installer and download the newest version of Curriculum Central for easy browsing, purchase and installation at the above link.

Kids Library Installation

From the Parent Menu, launch the VINCI Kids Library Installer, then choose an app and place your order. Your apps are now ready for your enjoyment under All Apps.

*Note: You will need to have downloaded the installer first from;

‘VINCI Tab Only’ Message

‘This app can only be run on a Vinci tab’. In the event you receive this message while trying to load an app, it may mean the system memory is full and a system restart is required.

If the issue persists, please contact technical support at; or via online chat at

Locking Apps

This model does not come with a Parent Login. It has a lock feature that can allow users to set a common password to any application(s) they do not wish to be used by children.

To set up the app locking feature; Press the menu button and select “System settings”. From the list select “Security”. Then select “Application Locker” and make sure that “Application Firewall” is checked and to set a password by selecting “Default Password”.

Once the above has been completed, you will see two buttons at the bottom of the screen; select the “Black List” option. In the “Black List” screen, press the menu button and select “Pick from the Launcher”. From the following list select all the apps you would like to restrict access to other users (Recommended apps to lock are: Settings and Browser).

For more details, See guide listed in Appendix D

‘WiFi Refresh Issue’ Message

If the WiFi on your phone will not refresh, please go to the Settings>WiFi> and turn the WiFi switch to Off, then back to the On position to allow the WiFi settings to refresh manually.

If the issue persists, please contact our customer support team @ 1-855-698-4624 or email us

Please do not hesitate should you have any questions regarding this request.

General Information

Information About VINCI Curriculum

For information regarding VINCI Curriculum, please visit;

For information regarding the current pricing for the VINCI Curriculum, please visit;

Supported Languages In The VINCI Curriculum Apps

The Following languages are supported in the VINCI Curriculum application levels: Chinese, English, French and Spanish.

Technical Specs For Each Model

For information regarding the technical specifications about each model, please go to the following link:

If you require further technical information regarding your device, please contact us at: or via online chat at

Our Current Ship to Locations

VINCI store offers shipping services to the following locations:

  • United States
  • Canada
  • England
  • Mexico
  • Argentina
  • Spain
  • Germany
  • Russia
  • Sweden

Developers Who Would Like to Upload Their Apps

If you are a developer please visit the following link:

Third Party Apps Not Working

Some apps obtained from Google Play or Android Market may not be compatible with some models of the VINCI Tab. This may be due to the hardware required such as GPU usage or the Android Version running on the tablet. We recommend to read the requirements of each application prior to installing on the VINCI Tab.

Contact Info For Business Relations

If you are interested in conducting business with VINCI, please email us at

Return Requests

If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your VINCI product(s) and want to return it for a refund, please read our Warranty and Return Policy which can be found at: & contact customer service for your RMA# and the address to return.

When Will I Receive My Order?

Once you have placed your order, you will receive an email notification confirming that your order has been placed along with your order confirmation number. Ground shipping normally takes between 5-7 business days and express is 2-3 business days.

Once your order has shipped from our facility, you will be notified by email along with the shipment tracking number.

If some items you have ordered are out of stock, your VINCI Customer Service Representative will contact you for back-order information or for suggesting a substitute model.

For more information, contact customer support at; or via online chat at

How to Retrieve Missing Apps After Factory Reset

All preloaded and/or digital content purchased will remain in your online account. Please visit:

Login to your account, and on the left drop down menu, called “MyVINCI account”, select Downloads. This will load all the preloaded content for your model or any digital content purchased from our website associated with your account. You can download these apps directly from your tablet if you have a WIFI model, or you can download them to your computer and install them to your device.

If you don’t have an account, you can go to:

Click “Login” and select “Sign Up”. Once you have created your account and registered your model you will be able to access to all your originally preloaded content.

If you have purchased VINCI Curriculum SD cards, please install from your SD cards after factory reset. Note each SD card is device specific and can not be copied.

Accidental Screen Damage

Unfortunately accidental damage to the screen is not covered under warranty. We do offer a repair service of USD plus shipping.

For more information contact technical support at, or via online chat at

All Other Hardware Issues (Buttons, USB Connector, Charger, Loose Pieces)

Any other hardware piece that presents a defect such as buttons, USB connector, charger, handle or any kind of irregular sound or noise can be sent for repair under warranty. Please contact customer service to initiate your warranty service by emailing; or via online chat at;, or calling technical support at 1-855-698-4624.