How do I get content if I enroll for Bronze or Silver version?

You will get a MyVINCI account when you enroll. The curriculum and lesson materials will be deposited in your account for downloading. You can download directly to your tablet, and find a file management app to install. We’ll provide you a video demo.

How do I know if my child is progressing normally?

Each week there is 2 to 4 questions for you to have conversation with your child. If your child has difficulty answering, or could not answer clearly, you may need to spend more time playing with your child to practice. Otherwise the goal is achieved. If your child answers inconsistently, try to come back to the same lesson plan in the following week.

Who do I go to if I have questions?

Contact for any question related to device, software or VINCI Learning Management functionalities. Contact your child’s assigned teacher for any question related to learning. If your child has not been assigned a teacher, you can contact as well.

If I enroll my child for the class of Zebra or Cheetah, how will the teacher evaluate my child?

Each month, your child’s teacher will contact you 2 to 3 times (depending on package) at a defined time (for example, bi-weekly on each Wednesday at 5 pm). Your teacher will have a conversation with your child on Skype or observe what your child is doing. Your teacher may ask you questions or provide suggestions. Progress evaluation is done by the teacher and available for you to monitor.

Do we need to use tablet every week?

Tablets are convenient for us to deliver the lesson plan and to help the child visualize the concepts through games. The key is to find what the child is interested in. If the child likes to play on the tablet, let the child play, but remind the child to stop after 20 to 30 minutes – a way to teach self-regulation. But if the child is not interested in playing on the tablet, you can use other hands-on activities to reinforce.

What content does each week’s lesson plan include?

The lesson plan includes

  • the book,
  • the game,
  • the video
  • the home activities.

The way we designed the curriculum is to spend as much time as necessary to support the child to gain a deeper understanding. The book includes quite a few concepts each week. And you want to repeat the book reading at least 3 or 4 times a week, while  talking about tit with your child. Then you combine with hands-on activities as well as daily questioning to ensure your child not only knows the concept but also applies what he learned. Focusing on fewer but deeper activities help your child to build thinking skill. In case you need additional activity suggestions, we’ll be putting a parent resource section at our website.